Throttle Calibration and Prologue Manual

Good morning all.
I'm just going through the Prologue Manual for the A320/A321 which I have installed on FSX-SE. It mentions to calibrate your throttles go to the MCDU Menu page and press LSK R3. There doesn't seem to be anything on this line? Could somebody help?
thanks Del


  • No answer?
  • No answer?

    Hey Darrell, BBS has completely abandoned this forum. You won't get any help from them here.
    The ONLY chance you have of getting your question answered here is if another of the 1 or 2 BBS customers who still visit here...maybe hoping BBS will comeback, see your question, know the answer, and respond.

    The 2 forum mods BBS "hired" long ago to address the very issue that the owner admitted they don't participate here, long gone.

    There is hope though....the BBS owner has just released v 1.5 of his few-week old Birddog in the new sim, MSFS, and the best news is that it only took 5 updates to get the altimeter working right! Yea! 5 updates to a plane a few weeks old....hmmmm. If I sound like I'm being harsh and snarky....not to worry....nobody is monitoring this forum, I could pretty much say anything and not have it deleted. :smile:

    Although he completely ignores this forum and all his Airbus customers, he does seem to be active over in the MSFS forum here:

    You may want to head over there and ask him your Airbus question. Now, be prepared for some of his fanboys to berate you for having the gall to ask about a commercial devs product, NOT the Birddog, in that thread. We all know that the BBS owner there is a saint, responsive to his new-found audience of new simmers who have no clue that he's abandoned his other customer in his OWN forum. And they can't seem to make the connection that once he releases a new and shiny plane, they will be in the same boat the Airbus folks are.

    A good indicator that he's actually gotten the hint that there may be some activity he needs to address in his forums is if you see this post disappear. When he does that....don't think he'll stop for a sec while he's here and answer your question...not his focus, he'll probably hire another few forum mods to do that, he much too busy tending to the new flock of sheep he's herded into his pasture.
  • Steve's right of course, but I might be able to help. When you first install the plane you should get a calibration screen for your flight controller and throttle assuming that it's the same as the widebody prologue. Those calibration screens are no longer accessed by the MCDU, but via the drop down FSX menu : Views - Instrument panel - Settings panel.
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