Landing behavior

Hello everyone,
I was looking for any kind of realistic addon for an Airbus Widebody for Prepar3d. I tried your product several times now. To be honest the landing behavior is ridicolous.
I flew an Airbus several years in real life and I know that you cannot simulate real landing behavior in Prepar3d or FSX or whatever. This is not the point. My main issue is the derotation during landing in Normal Law.This is way to extreme making this aircraft almost unflyable in prepar3d. I think I know what you where up to while programming this feature but this is way too extreme causing the aircraft to bounce quite often.
I also got issues concerning the FPS compared to another aircraft like PMDG.
Do you think that it is possible to change this?
Kind regards,


  • Hi Simon

    The landing experience is being looked at as part of the v0.90 release. It is currently being worked on now, and should be released in the not too distant future :)
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