Loading a flight plan (company route) into the MCDU

If you are an advanced user and want to load a flight plan (company route) into the MCDU follow these steps:

1. Get FSBUILD2.4.1, update the NAVDATA to same AIRAC cycle as your BBS aircraft. This is a critical step to avoid problems.
2. Make sure you create the PSS Airbus output folder, for example: C:\FLIGHTSIM\LOCKHEED MARTIN\PREPAR3D V3\PSS\Airbus A3XX
3. Plan your flight in the standard plan format, e.g.: ALVE1W ALVEN UP430 BONAN UT430 LAGSA
4. Copy your route into the FSBUILD Flight Plan box and set departure/arrival airport. Alternatively you can use FSBUILD to plan the entire flight for you. Its a very good flight planner and was around a long time before PFPX
5. Press "BUILD"to create the route. You should get a message that the .PSS file has been created. If you get an error message make sure the correct folder exists.
6. Copy the file you created to your BBS flight plan folder, for example: C:\FlightSim\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\BlackBox Simulation\Airbus A330 Family
7. Load the BBS Airbus. On the MCDU INIT enter the flight plan file name in company route field. The file name format is DDDD-AAAA (DDDD=Departure ICAO AAAA=Arrival ICAO)
8. Limitations on departure - once the flight plan is loaded you cannot select a departure runway/SID but you can add the SID way-points and altitude constraints. Usually ATC will vector you so not a major issue. If you include the SID in use (like the example above where ALVE1W in the SID) in your plan its possible to automatically build the SID into the flight plan.
9. Limitations on arrival - again you cant select the arrival runway and STAR but there is a simple work around. Just go to the last way-point and make a lateral revision. Select ALTN and enter the same arrival airport again. This resets the arrival airport and allows runway and STAR selection.

I mentioned above this is for advanced users but it works. If you have questions please post them and I'll do my best to help.


  • Hi,

    Could you explain about "advanced users"?
  • Hi,

    I'm using this product as Demo version before buy it.
    I would like to use same export format for company format such as other payware (PMDG, Aerosoft etc) from Simbrief (freeware flight planner)

    Is it possible ?
  • yes, save as a FS9 flightplan
  • No, its not working. I can't use this format to import flight plan to MCDU .

    yes, save as a FS9 flightplan

  • Graham: I am one of those befuddled by the lack of clarity in saving and storing flightplans. The old Co Rte system worked fine although it was a PSS hangover. But now in spite of all the advice above I cannot load an FS plan, there are none available it says. Should I build the plan in FS Planner, or use simbrief and save the plan in FS2004 format?

    The only plans I have successfully saved in .afr format, (in BBS 320 Family folder in the P34 root file )are the tutorials, or the flights that I build in the MCDU and Save.

    Would you be far away from restoring a company route folder and getting Simbrief or other to save in the .afr format?

    I have the add-on running really well, and this is the only major hiccup.
  • Hi Ian,

    Sorry for the delay, I somehow missed your post until now.

    All flight plans should be saved in the FS2004 .pln format and should be put in the Company Routes folder. You will then be able to import a flight plan directly into the MCDU using it's menu system.

    I hope this helps.
  • I too was having problems with this but noticed that Simbrief was sending the flightplan in the correct folder, although unable to directly call it up via the INIT>CO Route way.
    The DATA>LOAD ROUTE option works ok though and will do for now, if there will be a change to the procedure.

    I only got the Airbus yesterday, so apologies if people are still struggling with this.
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