We would like to firstly apologize for the poor service offered here and on email support..
No excuses, but As you may or may not know, BBS Consists of just Antony and Myself (Graham) and due to the pressures of development we have both fallen behind with some general support issues and neglected the Forum especially..

This will now change with the introduction of Graham Carr, our new Support Co-coordinator.
Graham will be responsible for answering support email and questions here in the forum. You may also see him on our Facebook Page. This will take the pressure off Myself and Antony so we can continue to concentrate on the development side and we can assure you all that as from today, ALL SUPPORT QUESTIONS and FORUM POSTS Requiring an official response will receive proper attention within 24 Hours ..

Thank you Graham Carr for joining the team, and again Our apology for the previous poor performance

Graham and Antony
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