Target Aircraft Not Found in Preflight Manager

Im trying to Download the Frenchblue repaint by Matt Tank inside the Preflight MGR. It says "cannot download-Target aircraft not found"....I don't have the Stock BBS repaint aircraft anymore because I download my own repaints form Preflight manager. I deleted the Stock Repaints. This is a bug with the preflight manager. It should not take you away from downloading repaints in preflight manager because you don't have the stock repaints....they take up space and MB.

Does anyone have an answer or a go around to downloading the repaints from preflight manager? If anyone has the Frenchblue by matt tank I would greatly appreciate it please.....the one on avsim is very bad repaint

thank you


  • whats going on with this?? still cant load any repaint in the PF manager? keeps saying at bottom Target aircraft not found. also I click connect and it says SIMCONNECT-unable to connect.

    In my settings its all good....shows im connected to blackbox with my serial code active. I can fly the planes no problems...just cant download liveries. already reinstalled preflight manager too ....this is frustrating
  • Are you using the latest PFM version? It should be v1.0.6600
  • Samething for me (Target Aircraft Not Found), I cannot install A330-243 GE Air France. I have the latest PFM v1.0.6600
  • Do you have any idea???
  • Hi Jeremy, sorry for the late reply. Is this still an issue for you?
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