FIX or solution to A32X family wave problem?

For those, like me that have the waving problem of the A32X family above FL 310, did anyone found a fix or solution to share?
Thank´s in advance

Henrique Santos


  • Hi Henrique

    Can you please give me some more details about this issue, so I can look into it?
  • Hello! already wrote today on the "flightlevel" comment.
    If you need any help, just say.

    Thanks in advance (good to know that the support will became that)
  • Hi Guys.

    Have been struggling with this for some months and after tweaking the aircraft.cfg file was able to fix this.

    In the [flight_tuning] section change the pitch_stability=1.0000000 to 1.8000000.

    Should solve the problem.

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