PreFlight Manager V1.0.66 does not start


two days ago I installed "Blackbox PreFlight Manager Setup [v1.0.6512].exe" and afterwards installed the demos for ABExtreme and ABWidebody. Both worked as described. Later I installed the demo for Britten Norman Islander and after the setup-process I was offered to upgrade the PreFlight Manager to Version v.1 0.66 - which I did. I tested the demo of the Islander as before with the 2 AB packages and decided to buy the three licenses. Everything worked out fine. Afterwards I was able to use all three packages without any problems and I "played around" with downloading and installing diverse liveries. Everything still worked fine.

The next day I started the PreFlight Manager as usual, but since then right after starting in Admin Mode the Blackbox Logo of PreFlight Manager doesn't show up and the launch of it has apparently stopped. When I open the Taskmanager there is no application running.

I run a PC-based Windows 8.1 environment with P3D V4.1.

Please help!


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