Help with no brakes with Saitek X52 Pro flight controllers P3D V4.1

This question actually applies to both the A320 and widebody in my case. I can't for the life of me figure out why the trigger button on the joystick will NOT activate the brakes. I've read all relevant other posts I've tried recalibrating numerous times, messed with fsuipc settings and calibrations within the sim. My joystick trigger works just fine with ever other addon aircraft I own. I should add I did not have this issue when using the older versions of BBS airbus in P3D V3. any suggestions? I'm a bit tired of running off the runway..LOL

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    I'm experiencing the same issue (with the widebody), having to navigate a busy airport using solely the parking brake isn't ideal! Has there been a fix found yet?
  • Have you changed any of the assignment settings in your Flight Sim?
  • Hey Guys

    I also have this issue. That being said....if I hold the brake long does work. It seems to take a long time to register if that helps.

    I DO NOT have the same issue if using toe breaks on Saitek rudder pedals. Only if using the period key or button on the Joystick.

    Hope there is something you find with this.

  • Thanks for your report Phil. It's something we will look at during beta testing of v0.90
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