A321 only 162 pax?

Is there a reason why the A321 load manager can only handle 162 pax? Also notice that I can't reach the max ZFW on load manager..


  • looking into it but it was a genuine 321 seat plan we used for reference
  • Thomas Cook A321's have 220 config with MTOW 89,000KG, the 'NEW' (VA,VB,VC,VD) Monarch acquired A321's are 214 config with MTOW of 93,500KG
  • Hi,

    Any chance of more config choice for the A321? BA currently operate the A321 in CY205, CY218 and J23/Y131 CY205 & CY218 have a MTOW of 83000 KG and J23/Y131 has MTOW 89000KG.

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    Hi John,

    The developers are working on improvements to the narrow body family, and the pre-flight manager. We will look at providing some additional configuration choices soon.
  • OK, Thanks for the info.
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