TIP: Assigning Spoiler/Rudder with FSUIPC

edited November 2017 in GENERAL FAQ
Just a tip for those using a separate device for tiller and another for rudder.
I use the twist function of my Logitech joystick for my steering tiller and Pro Flight pedals for my rudder.
To assign these as separate devices in the Blackbox Settings config tool, uncheck the "tiller/rudder' toggle box.
Assign your rudder in FSUIPC as normal.
But for the steering tiller, you must use the option in FSUIPC to "send to FS as normal axis" and choose the "Steering Set" option in the drop down when assigning your axis.
By doing this I was able to have both the steering tiller and rudder functions activate in the Blackbox Settings tool.
Hope this helps someone else who may be having the same problem not getting the settings tool to recognize the separate axis'.
Thanks to Blackbox for the hard work getting this beauty updated!
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