CRASH P3D V4 with use of MCDU xtreme familly

Hello, I systematically observe a crash of P3D V4 sim after to enter departure and arrival airport on line LSK R1 of MCDU. This failure doesn't exist with widebody familly ? Can you help me ?

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  • I add that this crash always occurs on the departure airport of LFPG with scenery add on or without ...
  • Yes someone else had this issue .. Try a different Airac , I believe the error is in the NavData
  • Same problem here.. I've been reporting this error on facebook. Someone in behalf o BBS said that I was installing FSlabs airac on BBS products. Wich makes no sense to me. The format of FSL airac is totally different and the Airac on BBS is shared betwen the wide and Narrow and my widebodys works just fine. I've also checked the BBS folder, also tested with the original AIRAC shipped with BBS.. Nothing works.
  • First of all thank you for your answers. Actually the AIRAC FSLABS is a .rom file, that of BBS is in dat. file. I think there is a reading problem since the BBS AIRBUS (a318 / a319 / a320 / a321) add on. I have no problem with the BBS widebody (a330 / a340); WHAT DIFFERENCES EXIST BETWEEN THES
  • we are still looking into a fix for this .. please be patient
  • So.. no news on this matter? Really annoyng not to be able to use the product on some flights..
  • Same problem here.. When I insert some Departure or Arrival crash my P3D V4. A many times was occurred, the last was in Paris Orly (LFPO), departure "LGL6V" all times i try insert, crash my simulator with different version of Airac.
  • We are investigating and will release an update as soon as we can fix the issue
  • Anthony / Graham,
    Any news on this gents?
    It is driving me crazy that I am limited to certain routes, DIS's and STAR's to prevent CDU CTD's.
  • Same problem here.....
  • I'm having a similar issue. Entering a departure and arrival causes P3Dv4 to stop responding briefly, then continue to work for a few minutes, then stop responding again. It continues doing this until I go to the MCDU menu and click the MCDU reset button. I really like these aircraft, and I hope there is a fix for this issue in the near future. Thank you.
  • Seems the problem I'm having is related to trying to reset the MCDU in order to program and fly another route without restarting P3Dv4.
  • I see what I was doing wrong now. I needed to completely power down the aircraft after a flight for the MCDU to properly reset. Now I'm not getting the constant reloading/lag.

    I thought the reset button in the MCDU menu is supposed to reset it, but it only clears the data.

    I understand how it works now. I did a couple more flights with no issues.
  • Well nevermind. It happened again after today after a flight from Las Vegas to Cancun in the A319. I shut everything down completely, then connected ground power. MCDU was completely cleared, and I entered a new flight plan from Cancun to Panama City. As soon as I entered the INIT information, P3D started lagging, showing that it was continuing loading. I gave it some time, but it wouldn't resolve. So I tried to clear the flight plan, but then P3D crashed to desktop. Once I restart the simulator and try loading the flight plan, all goes according to plan. There is definitely something wrong here. It really shouldn't be doing this, so I hope that your team can find a solution or workaround for this issue sometime in the near future using this information.
  • Any solution yet? Same for me with the WideBody
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