Commands and data cockpit of BBS Airbus

Dear BBS,

I made my home cockpit in Airbus style specially A340 for Prepar3D v4.
Here is my some picture : V5/RESUME/ETAPE 08 - JUILLET 2016 - OVERHEAD/IMGP3141.JPG

or more : V5/RESUME/

For this cockpit, I use 243 joystick's buttons, they use standard P3D v4 commands like : BATTERY_TOGGLE, etc...
For the lights and 7-segments digits, I use Simconnect Data.
So generally I use it for standard aircraft like CLS A340.

But with BBS Widebody, for my cockpit, I could be nice to set Widebody commands for my buttons (like EXT A, EXT B, etc...)
Also, the data of Widebody cockpit for these lights (like EXT A, EXT B, etc...) which my cockpit software can read them.

What do you think about it? For example a BBS SDK ?



PS : sorry my bad english :smile:


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