Activation issue

Hey guys, I have tried to install 1.2 of this plane and the bulldog, but I get the plane in sim showing in demo mode but the manager show both as being activated. In sim it says activation expired. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.


  • do you have the latest Pre Flight Manager ?
    should be V1.06512
  • Yes Sir I have the updated manager.
  • Hey Graham, I even uninstalled and reinstalled, deactivated and reactivated to no avail. Was hoping to try out the amphib model and the updates but unfortunately will have to hangar it for now due to limited time off. It's a shame because it sure looks pretty. If you figure something out, please let me know. Thanks
  • Ok, I think I finally got it was basically needing a registry clean up for the previous versions of the aircraft as well as the manager needing the registry entries cleaned up. Also the appdata areas needing cleaned up. now for some fun adventures.
  • I too, have a problem as I have validated the Bird Dog but when I try to see the plane I'm still told I am in Demo mode. I get the fleet management screen. I am, told that I have reached the maximum number of re activations. Please help.
  • Hi Geoff

    If you go to your client account (, you can deactivate previous installations, so that you can activate this installation properly.
  • That is not exactly correct info. I went there and it said 0 of 2 remaining and wouldn't let me do anything. I wrote a post and no response from BBS so I posted it again and no response and now it looks like I am here realizing that BUS doesn't actually have customer support for everybody. Also if I want my problem fixed I have to pay the 90 some dollars again. It really stinks.
  • Hi Jason

    I have replied in your original forum post.
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