Texture Question

The "rear-view" mirror in the L-19 is made up of 2 parts, the static rear view of the cockpit and a moveable map area/environmental map. Is the texture used for the moveable portion included in the texture sheets somewhere or is it part of the mdl file? An interesting feature on the ground but not exactly relevant in the air. I'd like to improve on it but can't seem to find anything that looks close in the textures I'm seeing.


  • in P3D it is an Actual reflection of what is behind you
    in FSX it is a general reflection map
  • Sorry, but I'm in P3D_V4 and what I see at 5000' is the same thing I see at ground level. If it requires dynamic reflections to be turned on, I don't use that as it's quite a framerate hog.
  • Well of course it uses dynamic reflections.. its a "mirror " :(
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