MCDU scratch pad entries via keyboard

Dear Devs,
Could you consider making the MCDU scratchpad pickup keystrokes?(for data entry) I think PMDG's 777 and lvld's 767 have such a feature and i believe BBS product is of that potential quality.

thanks for your consideration


  • it does .. press Caps lock and Numlock
  • excellent thanks
  • I just tested that and it's not working for me :(
  • Try SCOLL LOCK + Numlock ;)
  • Try SCOLL LOCK + Numlock ;)

    Apologies for the late response but that doesn't work either.
  • Hi Brian,

    The key command to allow keystroke inputs only works on the 2d MCDU.
  • Hello,

    please, does anyone have issue with MCDU stopping to accept keystrokes after 1st input is made (1st mouse click on button in mcdu to enter data)? So, after I enter (example) ZFW, I cannot type anything else.

    "K" still flashes but there is no reception. Only way to reset this is to disengage CAPS and NUM.. then to engage SCROLL LOCL, disengage SCROLL LOCK and only then again engage CAPS and NUM. And again.. I get only one try...

    I am trying this with SHIFT-5 separate detached window MCDU.

    Admin 3 - does your post from above mean I have to go to FOs MCDU?

  • Hi Damir,

    No you don't need to go to the FO's MCDU. The 2D I referred to is the MCDU that is displayed when you use the key command SHIFT-5.

    The scratchpad does not work with the virtual cockpit modelled MCDU's.
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