Looking for LVAR help

Hi all

I'm hoping someone can help me out. I am looking to control the fuel tank selector and the cabin dome lights in the Bird Dog from my home-made button box.

For the fuel selector, I can see the LVAR 'Fuelswitch' and the FSUIPC offsets change value as I turn the switch with the mouse, but writing values to these does not have any effect. This is confusing me as the LVAR 'FuelSwitch' in the Bulldog worked just fine.

I have a similar question for the red and white dome lights; using the standard FSUIPC offset for cabin lights has no effect, and I cannot see any LVARs changing as I flick the switches.

Could someone explain how to control these switches through LVARs and/or controls and offsets? Any help will be much appreciated! Both the Bulldog and Bird Dog are such great fun, so it will be satisfying to be able to control them both without the mouse & keyboard.


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