Two Suggestions for v0.90

ROTATING KNOBS in VC and 2D Cockpit: outer wheel sets most significant digits (whole values), inner wheel sets least significant digits (decimal values).

Data input not only from Active Sky, but also from other Weather Engines like Opus.
An implementation of the Auto and Man Multiscan modes, Gain / Range Control and Antenna Tilt.


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  • "Like" Button? With pleasure, but where is this buttoh here?
    If You mean the one on the Facebook, sorry I'm not there. :)

    Meanwhile I red in an another forum, how to change the whole and decimal digits on the radio panel (right mouse for whole and left mouse for decimal), but ...
    would it be possible to animate the knobs rotation and choose the inner or outer knobs by placing of the mouse pointer onto ones and thereafter changing the frequeny by rotating of the mouse wheel only?

    P.S. My suggestions concern the WideBodies.
  • We will take all of your suggestions into consideration. We are planning to have a weather radar by V1.0 if everything runs smoothly :)
  • It was a joke :smiley:

    I meant that I liked and agree with your post.

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