Landing/Taxi lights

First off, wonderful airplane. It is super fun. Question on the taxi/landing lights? I know it's v1 but I have no lights on the ground (the lights are on but do not illuminate the ground). Is this just something missed or on my set up? Thanks


  • Have you set the checkbox in FSX / P3d settings ?
    Landing lights illuminate ground ?
  • Yes, the landing lights illuminate ground is checked, also for note they don't show on the ground either with or without hdr enabled.
  • Try the P3D special effect sliders . move these up too ?
  • Yes, those are all up as well. Probably going to try a fresh install and reactivation as I didn't have the effects on the demo either. Aside from that, it's got to be something wonky in P3D, but this craft is the only one having the issue.
  • remember to install as admin :) and run p3d/fsx as admin
  • Thanks Simon and Graham, always run as admin and install the same way. Re-installed and still no joy. The bulldog works fine, but the bird dog doesn't show on the ground effect. Even tried shockwave lights, but it's the lighting on the ground effect that is not showing for the bird dog. I'm stumped at this point, but still digging.
  • Now I am really not sure why the landing lights don't show on the ground.......P3Dv3.4 fresh install, complete, all scenery and aircraft removed. Bird dog and bulldog re installed. All as administrator. P3D run as administrator. the Bulldog lights the ground with landing and taxi lights, but the bird dog does not. It's as if the model isn't calling that effect. Is there a dependency in the installer that would allow the plane to function but not certain special effect?

  • It may be an error in the MDL .. I will investigate and Update if required
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