Fuel Selector

The fuel selector does not work, setting any position the label indicates "All Tanks" .Setting the off position ,the engine continues to run, also at any location other than a central alarm sound is activated.


  • Do you Have Fsuipc installed ?
    and What do you mean by "central alarm is activated" ?
  • No i don't have Fsuipc.
    I mean, a continuos ticking, only if the fuel selector is in left , right or off position
  • There is your problem then ..
    You need to Download and Install the latest FSUIPC as Administrator and then Reboot

    download link
  • I downloaded and installed FSUIPC as Administrator, I rebooted but the problem remains the same.
  • what relationship does FSUIPC with the fuel selector?
    In all my other addon the fuel selector works perfectly
  • This is Not "all your other addons" and it replies on FSUIPC to communicate the many custom features to and from the Sim ..

    However as this did not fix your Issue I will have to investigate further ..
    Tell me please do all other animations, switches knobs work as expected ?
    Do you maybe have a button or key already assigned to the Fuel Switch ?
    Anything else that may help
  • Another Idea .. do you have Unlimited Fuel selected in your options ?
    and have you tried loading the Bulldog as your default Aircraft ...

    thanks .. all this will help
  • All the other animation switch work ,except for the cage button on the ADI that do nothing.
    I have not assigned any button to the fuel switch, and not unlimited fuel select, i like realism.
    Now i use this addon in P3D 2
    I also had FSX installed.Can install this addon also in FSX to try if ti work, without creating problems for me in P3D?
    Thank for your help

  • ok thanks .. and your licence covers 2 Installs so you can indeed try FSX also ..
    please not FSUIPC must be installed for both sims
  • I just can not fix this i also tried to load forse a default plane, but does not change anything.
    Any help please?
  • we are looking into it please be patient and we'll get back to you
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