Bulldog shows up in License as activated, but cannot see in Installed tab

I just moved to P3D, and after installing the Bulldog, and latest PFM, I have this issue:

Tried reinstalling both.


  • make sure your PFM is also set to P3D .. on the settings page
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    The P3D V2 path is set and also FSX path in registry , so I could install legacy addons (PMDG MD-11 some ORBX, etc)

    Could this have any factor?
    E:\P3D is my sim folder.

    Local Sim is set Perpar3D
  • Slight confusion ....
    you mention P3dV2 path and then Local sim as P3dV3 ?
    and in your first screen cap it shows P3D not found

    I suspect a registry error or cleanup may be required But i will pass this to Antony for a better heads up
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    Not quite
    I have P3D V3 installed ONLY.
    I set the path of V2 and FSX to the V3 path, so I could install LEGACY addons. That is why they shows up there. The only real sim, is P3D V3, and that is where I instilled the Bulldog.

    And he doesn't show up in P3D's aircraft menu either... odd.

    It seems I must have messed up somewhere, because I reinstalled it, and now it shows up... :dizzy:

    Sorry for wasting your time.

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