Touchdown sensation

Hey there,

what I am struggling with while landing, is the sensation of touching down. I am mostly clueless that the main gear has touched down and then always feelrelieved after the nose has also dropped down and the horizontal attitude evidently doesn't change anymore. I am repeatedly surprised that I am on the ground already.

What really could help in this matter (also immersive) would be a touching down sound or even some visual shaking effect, briefly drawing the view point down a bit, simulating me getting pressed down the seat in that moment.

The following video shows very well what I attempted to describe.
I have no idea if it is a feature of that plane used in the video or whether it was added as a video effect.
Bottom line is, that effect doesn't only sound and look good and convincing, it would really be of big help, at least for me.

Thanks for reading! ;)


  • Hi, I think that is the Accu Feel script from A2A that person is using. Its quite the interesting script and actually have thought about getting it myself, at some point.
  • While that one does produce touchdown sounds and some shaking for uneven surcafes, I am not so sure we saw it in action here. There are lots of youtube landings containing satisfying touchdown "impacts", but that script never got credits in those youtubers list of used addons.
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