My Wishlist

Hey Guys

Here my Wishlist for upcoming updates:

- V1 Callout
- LCD Screens and "New Style" Cockpit"
- Fix of Reverse "If I press the Button F2 for two times, I get reverse with about 100% N1, which is unreal!"
- Reg below Lower Ecam and not above the Standbye Instruments, as in nearly every A330 and A340 Aircraft in Real



  • All noted thank you
  • Hey,

    I got some more wishes :-)
    -real airbus font in the displays (compare bbs font with real pics, not equal)
    - descent arrow /the point where preselected altitude is reached
    - functional clock
    - autobrake selector A340-600 (see google for pics)
    - a340 300/600 main middle gear stay in during gear extension (if landing weight low)
    -weather radar (as16 / asn integration)


    Maybe via MCDU we could add some selectable options like in PMDG aircraft.
    Things to change could be:

    - LCD/CRT Display
    - standbye instruments old style / new style
    - old seats / new seats
    - cpdlc yes/no
    - DDRMI yes no (see google for explanation, Swiss A330-300 aren´t equipped with DDRMI for example)

    Regards, Marius
  • do you plan in the future also develope a airbus for Xplan??
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