CDU Progress Page

I apologize if this is something that is "in the works and not yet implemented," but when doing long hauls with the A330/A340, position reports are necessary for VATSIM (when ATC is on line_. I noticed the current progress page on the CDU does not provide the necessary information...or am I missing something? Thanks in advance and enjoying the latest updates.


  • Sorry the MCDU is Incomplete and will be updated fully in V0.90
    what Information are you looking for ?
  • Okay, thanks for the response. I figured that was the case but just wanted to be sure. Transatlantic operations require position reports on VATSIM where you report times for crossing waypoints and estimates for future waypoints in the flight plan. I'm not seeing that information with the current state of the MCDU. I'm also assuming winds will be implemented for estimating times? As it is now, the estimated time of arrival at the destination has been off by as much as an hour on previous flights. Anyway, thanks for the response and I look forward to further improvements.
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