Tutorial for CDU Take Off Performance Step Up

I see many of you have problem with the Performance page in MCDU. What's the V speed? What's the trim? What's the Flex Temp?

Here, is a short tutorial for all those stuffs.

Remember, each and every airport should give a set of take off performance charts for each aircraft type. But, as we cannot find all of these, the only way we can achieve is the Quick Reference Tables. In this way, we can calculate ourselves and find out the suitable take off data.

First, you have to find a FCOM for your plane. A pdf file with bookmark is the best. It's in FCOM vol.2, I can find an A330 FCOM vol.2 but the A340 FCOM is in Chinese. If anyone can upload an ENG version will be much appreciated.

Second, find the direct location of Quick Reference Tables, I'll take A330 as an example.

Open the FCOM vol.2 with Adobe Reader, don't use the EDGE or Chrome, you'll be lost.
Direct to 2.02.30, on page 124, you'll find the "Corrections for wind and runway slope". You can ignore the runway slope cause 99% runways in FSX & P3D are flat. Just be care of wind correction.

Ok, now down to next page No. 125, you'll find an example in details.

As it's much clear for you, I just add some notifications.

First, do the wind corrections to determine the corrected runway length.
Second, due to your runway pressure altitude, temperature, take off config and corrected runway length, you can check out the MTOW in current situation.

Now, we find the MTOW in current condition, so our TOW should be lower than 227 700kg. As our TOW is 200 000kg, it's okay for us to using the current configuration.

Third, if we do a Thrust Reduction take off, we need to find out the FLEX TEMP.
Just change the MTOW to 200 000kg and find the matched data.
The example used 1000ft and 2000ft for take off data, and merge them together for accuracy. If the pressure altitude is about 0ft or so, you can use 0ft only, etc.

And, that's it!
Hope this can help you all with the Take Off Perf setting.



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