BN2 no avionics

I can't figure out what is the deal with the GPS and radios not working on this aircraft. This is a a very pricy airplane that should have all, if not most, of the buttons working but is not the case.


  • I can't figure out what else can I do to get it to work.
  • First time I have flown the aircraft for a while today First flight after su6. Both engines started turning as soon as the battery is switched on?? Engines started once mags switched Next problem was the avionics went off once ground power removed and the battery switched off. As if the generators not working. If the battery is switched on, avionics work until the battery's flat
    I tried an older software version of the aircraft and removed everything else from community folder. Still the same. As I've not flown the aircraft for some time I don't know how long the problems been going on maybe, from su5
    Dale Moore
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    Best ignore my comments above. I had the engine switches switched on, on my Thrustmaster quadrant :s This probably overpowered the generators, flattening the battery. Quick ground test proves OK. Need a test in the air now
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