BN2 / MSFS Bugreport: Compass drift (solved)


this is related to the compass with the heading bug (below the artificial horizon). The compass between the two windows does not have this issue. It looks like the compass is somehow "de-coupled" from the real heading. I cannot exactly say, under which circumstances this happens, I had only found one way to reproduce it reliable. But during real flight it just seems to drift slowly away, for example after a two hour flight it was about 30° off.

Here the way to reproduce it: Start somewhere on the ground, start taxi and turn the aircraft to the left or right (at your preference :-)). Then activate "Active-Pause". The aircraft stands still, the compass between the two windows also stands still, but the compass with the heading bug continues spinning around. And I have found no way to reset it to the "true" direction.

Can't even say when this behavior started, but it can be found in the current version 1.3.2.

Solved: This behavior seems to be normal, the same happened on a Cessna 172. This aircraft has a re calibrate knob. But it is possible to reset the drift by pushing "D" (as part of the default keyboard configuration).

Best wishes, Ulrich
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