Bn2 islander

Recién compré, el Bn2 Islander, y los controles no funcionan correctamente.


  • I'm having trouble with elevator control. Very limited movement. (Limited movement visible from outside cockpit) Bought the Islander from microsoft store and currently showing V1.3.4.
    Tried completely reinstalling the flight simulator but no change. Current version V1.19.9.0
    Tried adjusting joystick sensitivity no change (Thrustmaster t.Flight Hotas X) with rudder locked and unlocked.The joystick sensitivity changes worked with other aircraft
    Does anybody have any ideas

    The previous post from Gonzalo Arrelliano translates to "I just bought the Bn2 Islander and the controls are not working properly"
  • I think I have found the problem.
    After one of the global updates I believe the Flight model was switched to 'Legacy'.
    Switching to 'Modern' resolved the issue.
    I wonder if this is applicable to some aircraft purchased on Marketplace.
  • How is the ADF outer Compass card rotated ?
    There is no Knob, so I assume it is meant to be automatically slaved off the Compass, but it does not slave (rotate).

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