L-19 will not start

After the newest update of the L-19 for MSFS my L-19 will no longer start.
Switches according to manual (quantity of fuel, primer, pump ).
Then pressing start will make engine rotate props for some 10 secs and then it stops. The reading of the fuel-gauge remains all of the time 0
Please answer on my e-mailaddress: degeuspiet@gmail.com
Piet de Geus


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    Same problem here. I thought with version 1.8 this should have long been fixed?
    Btw.: Just bought this airplane today - where and how am I going to be able to get future updates?
  • Finally got the engine running. Mixture idle/cutoff position - fuel boost on - prime 1-2 sec - fuel boost off - mixture full rich - ignition - as described in the handbook worked.
  • Unfortunately I cannot reproduce yesterday's success of getting the engine running. I am giving up. I love the plane but this is really annoying. Unfinished products, unfriendly support - spend my time and money elsewhere.
  • I am getting same problem. The damn plane would not start. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! Spent all this money only to get a buggy product.
  • Make sure the fuel selectors are turned on. That was my problem but the flight model is totally screwed up so what difference does it make. What a waste of $.
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