Actual involvement with your own forums...

Whilst I don't expect the Widebody Prologue to make much progress towards a 0.9 update or even no longer being a Prologue, it would be appreciated if BBS would find the time or another admin person to once again be active on your own forums please. I mention Widebody because that is the only product line I have bought. It would be great if BBS become active on their other product forums too. I appear to be the most active user on the forums and do try to pass on my limited knowledge. I do actually like what you're trying to create with the Widebodies - I for one prefer them to previous (freeware) 'Buses I've used in the past so thank you for the good start at least.

Come on in! Join the forums again! I don't bite (maybe a little snarl here and there but no fangs o:) ) I cannot comment on other users feelings though.. Heck - we've got to be better than big tech wanting to ban everyone holding a conservative viewpoint. Just develop a harder skin and interact once more, please. B)
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