Horrible to land

When I used to fly on FS2004, I had the PSS/Black Box Airbus A319 and A320. Both of these aircraft flew and landed wonderfully. I usually touched down under -100fpm.
I now am using P3Dv4, so I purchased the Extreme and Widebody packages. I cannot land this version worth a crap as I have almost zero control of the descent when I get under 300 AGL. The aircraft will not flare. It just plummets. It's as if there is no ground effect. I am very frustrated and disappointed. I hope to hear about an upcoming update, or any other information anyone might have as to what's going on with this or I will be replacing Black Box with Aerosoft.


  • You did a mistake not buying the Aerosoft first. Blackbox Simulation Widebody is now an abandoned product.
  • I don't know if there's any difference between v4 and FSX:SE which I use, but I seem to be able to flare the plane for a landing. I'll monitor the situation as I make more flights with the 330 and 340 variants.
  • Right! I had the PSS version in FS9, and I could land those airbuses usually under 100 fpm. I can't land this version worth a crap, and I don't believe it's my fault. There should be an option to turn off fly-by-wire.
  • Nevermind, BlackBox. I'm using Aerosoft, now. Thanks for helping us pilots out with your product's landing problem!
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