How do I get the rear seat passenger to show in the Bird Dog.

I have just purchased V 1.3 of the Bird Dog and I have tried everything to try and get the rear seat passenger to show but all I can get is an empty seat? I am running P3D V4.5 on my system. Thanks for any help.


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    You may have to go elsewhere to get support for this bird. There's no admins on the forums, I'm probably the most active member here, but that's only because I've bought the Widebody Prologue and am trying to help with those with my limited knowledge as I'm still learning their operation myself. I'm not sure if the P3D even has a rear seat passenger, unlike the FS2020 version.. I can't even call up the spec of the Bird Dog without signing in, yet all the other products I can click on them to get their information... :o @Scorp-5231
    EDIT!!!! OK have you used the Pre Flight Manager? IMHO this is an excellent utility for all the BBS planes and I use it to great effect on the Airbuses (despite all the hate, the PFM does seem to be rather polished and effective). If you access the Bird Dog in there you can configure the pax loadout - pilot only or add the passenger. Then making sure that the Manager is connected to your flight sim (P3D must be open too!), send the config data to the sim including any fuel and cargo settings. My apologies if you have tried that option?
  • Thanks Mark for the reply and update of the support situation. Yes I did try the Pre Flight Manager, I loaded and sent to the P3D on several different Bird Dog liveries but no rear seat passenger. Looks like to me that the rear seat passenger will only be visible in the new MSFS and certernatly not visible in P3D V4.5 like I have
  • Ok. A pity! Thanks for letting me know.
  • This seemed to be fixed for a while, but now there is no "Co-Pilot" again (version 1.7.5). Is there a fix, so we don't have to have an empty back seat?
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