MSFS 2020 Version - Need a new category?

I just bought th newly-released MSFS 2020 version of the mighty Bird Dog. It flies very nicely, bui it has many flaws, as reported on the Flight Simulator Forum:

So, I suggest there should be a specific category here to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this new release.

What do you think?


  • It is really a pitty, that the probably new Blackbox development is just a port version of an old model. There are many things to fix and at the moment is neither worth to spend your money nor spend space for a new section. Sorry for this, but you are on the way to ruin your reputation.
  • Has there been a new patch to fix some of the problems? What is the latest download version for MSFS 2020?
  • Does anyone know if I need the Blackbox PreFlight Manager installed in order to install and use planes. I get an error message that reads "sim connect Manager not found" when I start the manager and error message when I installed the plane. I am new here. Thanks.
  • I'm not sure why you think you'll get support here. The only place BBS seems to reply is either on their Facebook page or in the official MSFS forums.
    Pretty sad state of affairs.....he seems to have forgotten he has his own forum, where his own customers are asking for support about his product....and nothing but silence here. Where are those new mods he "hired" a while back to ensure that we'd not be left in the dark any longer with his chest-beating statement about how things have changed around here and we'll now have support questions answered in a timely manner?
    Jeffery, your name doesn't even show when I try to @ you. You probably figured BBS will never answer here so you went to the MSFS forums where all he seems to do is either brag about how fast he came out with fixes to issues that should have never made it into the release in the first place, or argue with people who dare to say anything bad about the plane, being totally correct in their assessment, so much so that he completely contradicts himself when he fixes the very issues they are complaining about, and gives some lame excuse if he can't fix it (like blaming it on the SDK when other, reputable devs seem to have no issues in that area, like round gauges).
    Face it...nothing at BBS has changed, and I feel completely safe calling him out here because I know he won't respond....and if he does by deleting this or just trying to defend himself, it will only prove that he's not interested in actually helping his customers in the official forum(s) that he SHOULD be helping in....he's only interested trying to defend his reputation, which is clearly un-defendable.
    C'mon Graham....I DARE you to either respond or delete my post....I will be quite happy to share that experience in the MSFS forums you seem to frequent as NightMercury358, just to see how you're gonna try and spin that to the few customers who seem to think you're such a great developer. Trust me if you do the right thing...that will also be shared over in the MSFS forum.
    Be a man, suck it up, admit that you have made a few mistakes, try to be 1/2 the developer other respected devs in the community are. Delete this post, and you prove my point, respond to it, and start responding to your customers in every forum YOUR company owns and maintains here, and you may get a little rep back. Ball is in your court. Dribble, shoot, or get off the court.
  • edited October 2020
    Seeing in the MSFS forum that you are making progress on v 1.4. The proposed changes and updates look very promising.....
    This is good!
    You've been communicating this info over there.....
    This is good!
    You've not even once dipped in here to, if nothing else, tell your customers here that they should go to the MEFS forum there and ask for support.....
    This is bad!

    Please, do not respond to this if/when you finally notice it an try to give some sort'a story that you're so hard at work getting the plane ready, AND supporting folks at MSFS and maybe dropping a comment on your FB page when someone glows about the plane, that you can't be bothered to mind your own forums. hired 2 forum mods for that a while back...again...where are they?...if you're going to mention that they are handling your forums to give you all the time you need to code, don't bother...better off just to fire them for failure to do their job. Unless they already quit, then that explains a lot.

    How about for once, you stop acting as if you think we're all stupid if you choose to use the excuse above, and try honesty and transparency. Waddya' got to lose? Only your pride and arrogance if you value those, because you've surely lost any respect you may still have left with your customers here if you take the low road again and try to rationalize that you're too busy to respond here with news and updates about your products.
    At this point it appears that you may still be much longer do we wait for your shot or for you to get off the court?
  • Having recently bought the Widebody Prologue, it seems I've been providing more help than any forum mods.... o:)
  • Having recently bought the Widebody Prologue, it seems I've been providing more help than any forum mods.... o:)

    Mark, you are a Saint for sure! Maybe BBS should hire YOU to monitor and support these forums. Would love to see the little BBS marker on the side of your posts!

    Wait...I can do it too.
    Customer: I have an issues with activating my new purchase
    Forum Mod: Please contact the Devs email address....he'll get right on that!
  • LMAO! I've seen those posts. If BBS hire me then I would get paid, yes? >:)
  • LMAO! I've seen those posts. If BBS hire me then I would get paid, yes? >:)

    Of course. From all the money from the MSFS birddog sales he's putting back into the company. Some of that is surely ear'Marked for support....not all of it needs to go help poor Antony!
  • I like to fly on the bird-dog –but I have a systematic return to the office when I manipulate the buttons of the lamps of the Bird dog at Black Box. And this since the recent update msfs 2020-
    I did not find a solution to the problem
    can you help me
  • Rene I cannot help as I'm not familiar with the Bird Dog. Have you tried looking for answers in the Microsoft Flightsim forum Bird Dog thread? Hopefully other Bird Dog users might have an answer.
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