FSX SE vanish when I click on BBS aircrafts

I'm struggling against a weird issue that happens when I click on BBS aircrafts: FSX SE vanish, and this happens with BBS aircrafts only. I even set at minimum value the resolution of my GSX 1660 Graphic Card. Help please!


  • Do you mean that the simulator crashes?
  • Hey guys.....go here for support...this seems to be the only place BBS cares about:

    Let him know how you feel that he and all his forum mods have abandoned his own forum and only seem to care about the plane that is making him money right now.
    You have to remember, since the 2-year-running dev update to the famous "V .90" will make him no money, he seems to have little interest in supporting it.
    Why don't all of you go over to his preferred forum ...in front of a world audience, and tell him exactly how valued you feel as a customer.
  • Hi there @"Valerio Fosso" Do you have the "show all variants" tick box selected in FSX? If so, then as per Steve's instructions hop on over to that link he supplied and voice your opinion. B)
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