A330 TCAS problem

The TCAS of the A330 seem to be a bit tricky. Indeed, as you can see on the attached file, the surrounding traffic (visual + online TCAS) is about 3nm in front of me but is shown 5nm behind me on the craft TCAS. How could we fix that problem.


  • I still see traffic in you. There is nothing to see with me.
    I fly traffic live together but the TARA does not work in P3dv4.
  • Sorry Harry but I didn't understand what you mean...
  • Possibly he means that you have traffic displayed on your setup as evidenced by the screenshot, but he possibly does not have any traffic on his setup.
  • Oh ok, got it !
    Anyway, that doesn't resolve my issue, unfortunately :(
    And I also discovered that this A330 sim is really far away from a real A330, too bad.
  • and custom service is non-existant ! no replies, no comments... where are they !?
  • Who knows? @"Charles Bacha" No admins, no support. I agree with you there!
    I'm not an Airbus driver in real life. I've not paid much attention to the TCAS, then again I hardly have any AI traffic present in my sim. Are the 330 and 340 that far away from the real thing in all of their aspects? I mean the jets seem far better than the freeware ones I've been using. The way the plane powers up? The way the detents work with the autothrottle? The symbology? The look and layout of the panels? I believe there might be an issue with flare law, but I've only shot manual approaches and landings so far, so I guess I'm not following procedure somehow.
  • Whilst AI aircraft are few and far between on my setup, I did notice the actual TCAS symbology worked, HOWEVER, I didn't actually check outside the aircraft to see where the other traffic actually was in relation to me.. sorry. :(
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