Flight plan issue

Hi all,
Just purchased the Widebody Xtreme Prologue for FSX and have an issue with the flight plan.
I use Little Navmap latest version to create flight plans and it has an export function for the BBS Airbus flight plan.
The problem I have is when I load the flight plan into the FMC and activate it, the route distance is about 10 times longer than what it should be.
I loaded YSSYYPAD.pln Sydney to Adelaide which is approximately 625nm but the FMC shows approximately 6345nm. Looking at the map view it shows the route lines going back and forth hence no one way plotted route from Sydney to Adelaide as it should.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.


  • I believe it might work if you get a plan in FS2004 FS9 format. I don't have little nav map so not sure, but I do know that FS9 format plans placed in the Company Routes folder appear to work for me.
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