Why this all of a sudden

Why does my Britten Norman show up all of a sudden as demo mode? What do I have to do?


  • I checked the Manager and it shows my plane is activated but it shows that my plane is in demo. What is going on?
  • i have figured out what happened. This morning for reasons, yet to be explained to me, P3DV4 asked me to use one of my authorizations (re-authorization). This would have caused your Black Box product to assume that I was trying to use another one of its authorizations and it forced me to do so. I now have the BN2 running but at the cost of a reauthorization. I would like to get that back as it was through no fault of my own. Still waiting on Lockheed Martin to explain why it happened.
  • I have the same issue. My BBX A333 is showing demo mode..but in Preflight Manager showing active
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