PreFlight Manager (PFM) - Error and CTD - AGO2019

Dear Developers, good morning

After install the Airplane A330-340 and PreFlightManager (PFM v1.0.6600) and activate the product BBAirbus WideBody X-Treme, everything go smooth and Ok.
Them I load FSX with BS A330-202 for a flight, and note that the airplane is overloaded of passengers and fuel, but all systems seem to work fine ( displays, systems and views).
Since the overload I try to reconfigure the airplane in PFM, and press the connect button, immediately after I press the "connect" button in PFM crashes with the following errors (please see annexed files)
I have try to find a related topic and scan BBS forum about this PFM problem/error, but unfortunatelly I did not find any inspirantion to support my problem.
Could you please be so kind and provide me some guidance/help, thank you.

My PC:
Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit
FSX acc, with many addons airplanes and other addons (DX10, AS2016, GSX, EZCA3, UTLive, FSRecord, FSPassengers, ...)
Also installed and running ok:
All 3 simconnects, all Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 to 2017, SQL Server 2008 to Compact 4.0 x64 ENU, NET Framework 4 Multi-Targeting Pack


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