Manager not detecting P3D


The Preflight Manager is not detecting P3D. I have P3D v4.4 installed at C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d V4. This is the default install location, and the registry entry is correct. No Migration Tool forwarding is active.

The manager is totally useless at the moment and cannot detect any aircraft. All options are greyed out and I cannot make any changes to the path.

Please advise if there is a fix for this... otherwise unfortunately all my BBS aircraft are useless.


  • I have the same problem. The path on the settings is incorrect as it uses the old path in Program Files (x86). I have tried everything to get this sorted short of relocating the Prepar3d directory. I have looked everywhere for a config file to change etc. but there is nothing. It appears to be coded into the manager software.
    If anyone knows how to change this please let us into the secret.
  • I have just found the answer. it is detailed in this post

    It works! Just change the registry path to the correct one and viola all of your problems disappear. Why is this not Stickied in the General FAQ section.
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