My PreFlight manager is giving me an error message saying that I am out of activations. I have now found the website and how you can manage the activations and deactivations for both of the Airbus packages. The problem for me is that it says 0 of 2 activations in the case of both of the Airbus packages and I cannot do anything to get more activations. If I could please get some help with getting more activations it would be great.




  • Hi Jason, Sorry for the late reply - I have looked at your account and don't see an issue. Can you elaborate please?
  • Boa tarde. alguem pode mim ensinar a ativar meu aviao?
  • Hi, for the benefit of all our users, this is an English only forum.

    To activate your product, you need to enter your serial into the product installer - then activate the installation and serial using the Pre-Flight Manager.
  • Hello, i just bought the wide body extreame , and i already had the A320 and A321 pack after i installed both i downloaded the latest pre flight manager well when i went to activate the products the pre flight manager tells me that my passwords are incorect witch its not because i can get on my account while it keeps telling me that i cant activate my products i even tried to change the password on my account and it wouldnt let me the wide body has never been activated yet but my A320A321 pack might need activations reset but for some reason the pre flight manager is telling me the password is incorrect and i cant get my stuff activated should i try a previous version of the pre flight manager the version i have installed now is the latest and yes im running windows 10 and p3dv4.4 please help me get my products activated
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