My PreFlight manager is giving me an error message saying that I am out of activations. I have now found the website and how you can manage the activations and deactivations for both of the Airbus packages. The problem for me is that it says 0 of 2 activations in the case of both of the Airbus packages and I cannot do anything to get more activations. If I could please get some help with getting more activations it would be great.




  • Hi Jason, Sorry for the late reply - I have looked at your account and don't see an issue. Can you elaborate please?
  • Boa tarde. alguem pode mim ensinar a ativar meu aviao?
  • Hi, for the benefit of all our users, this is an English only forum.

    To activate your product, you need to enter your serial into the product installer - then activate the installation and serial using the Pre-Flight Manager.
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